Visitors fee


As a member, you have access to the courts according to your membership type:

  • Family, Senior, Student and Junior members can access all days of the week
  • Midweek members can only access the premises during weekdays

Wheelers Hill Tennis Club is a private club available for the use of members only. Members are welcome to invite visitors to the complex provided that the Visitor Fee is paid. The following rules do apply:

  1. Each member is permitted to invite one visitor per day to participate in social play, subject to court availability.
  2. No visitor shall be introduced more than three (3) times per year without the permission of the Committee.
  3. Visitors must be accompanied by a Club member, who is responsible for the visitor’s general conduct and payment of fees.
  4. The visitor’s fees shall be $8.00 for a senior or midweek player, $6.00 for a student and $4.00 for a junior player.

Please Note: Visitor Fees also apply to members of the immediate family of a Senior, Student or Junior member. The Visitor Fee must be paid before commencement of play. Place monies in the Visitors Box located on the outside of the West wall of the clubhouse (you will see this just as you enter the main gate). When you find envelopes next to the visitor fee box, take one and write down your name, put your guest fee(s) in the envelope and place it in the visitor fee box. When there are no envelopes, please put the money straight into the visitors box.

Occasionally, members of the committee are rostered on to conduct random checks to ensure Visitor Fees are paid. The person conducting the spot check will identify himself/herself and provide you with his/her name for your reference. The committee member may also cross check your name with our membership list. All unaccompanied visitors will be asked to leave the premises.