Court hire

Court hire

Members of Wheelers Hill Tennis Club have the opportunity to hire a court for social night tennis.

Playing Night Tennis on WHTC courts is restricted to members only, with one visitor per member per court allowed. This means singles with at least one member on court, doubles with at least two members on court.

The cost to hire a court is $15 per hour. Courts can only be booked for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours.

Only one court is available for hire throughout the week at specific times, these are displayed in the table below.

Due to Council By-Law all lights must be off by 10.30pm during weekdays, and 8.00pm on Saturdays.

To book a court the member should contact our Secretary, Andrea Hovey at 0417 528 054. Andrea will provide you with a code of the Key Safe located in the clubhouse next to the visitors box.

Fees are to be paid by bank transfer to the WHTC Bank Account : Bendigo Bank – BSB 633000 Account 132588476 (mentioning name and date) prior to play or by putting in $15 per hour in an envelope and put this in the Visitors box at the site of the clubhouse (or in the clubhouse), with the name of the hiring member.

The member enters the clubhouse and enters the code for the safe to get the key. Subsequently the key is to be slotted in the corresponding lighting switch (one of the six white boxes next to the Visitors box) to turn on the light. Key should be left in the light switch.

After play, please turn the lights off and put the key back into the Key Safe and lock it by entering the same code. Subsequently text Andrea that you have finished playing.

If you are the last to leave the premises, please make sure that the door to the clubhouse is closed (if it can’t be locked, please text Andrea) and that the two gates (disabled access and main gate) are firmly closed behind you.