About us

About us

Wheelers Hill Tennis Club (WHTC) is a multi-cultural family friendly tennis club located in Wheelers Hill.

We are run by a Committee who are dedicated to providing and maintaining quality facilities for the enjoyment of members and guests who share a passion for the game.

The club’s goals are;

To promote the growth, prosperity and development of the WHTC in order to achieve the maximum potential of both the facility and the tennis community.

Create an atmosphere where tennis players of all skill levels can meet other like-minded people in a comfortable social setting and play tennis with players of a similar level of skill and fitness within the club.

Place equal importance on ‘an everyone is welcome’ philosophy and the social aspects of the game rather than being the facility for competitive and results orientated outcomes alone.

Strive to provide a range of activities such as coaching, training, social tennis, competition tennis, tournaments and social activities so people can come to learn and improve on their tennis skills and fitness as well as participate in any of the social events that the club may run from time to time.

Encourage Junior participation in our tennis club so they develop a passion for the game of tennis which will help to ensure the viability of our club in future.

Provide a strong financial position for the club’s future development needs as well as being able to afford to maintain the club’s facilities to the best standard that funding allows.

Promote a community spirit aligned with today’s expectations and complexities whilst providing members and their guests with good value for money facilities and affordable entry to all club activities.

Provide the best value equation for all members.


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