In Memoriam Andrea Hovey

Dear members,

Brian Hovey and his daughters Amynta and Sanchia have sent this message to you.

Dear friends,


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Andrea Hovey on Tuesday 18th October 2022. We are mourning the loss of a beloved wife, mother, nanna, friend and a passionate life member of our club who took so much pride and joy playing and volunteering with you all.


Andrea was a foundation member of our club, she supported her daughters playing club tennis, played many seasons of midweek tennis and accepted the role of secretary in 2000. Her strong connection with the club was driven by the wonderful friends she made, her love of the club and the dedicated people she worked with to lobby Council and Government bodies to ensure the club stays strong and progressive.


We want to thank you – the committee, players, team managers and dear friends – who enriched Andrea’s life and made her feel part of a community. This meant so much to her and to us.


With thanks,


Brian, Amynta and Sanchia

Andrea has been a wonderful inspiration to everyone at our club for so many years. She will be sorely missed.

The committee offers our sincere condolences to Brian, Amynta and Sanchia and their families.

WHTC Committee