Court Surface Replacement

Dear Members,

Our court surface replacement is starting on Monday 28th March, we will only have 2 courts – 5 and 6 – available for play for approximately 3 weeks.

Our club coach will require the 2 courts from 4.00pm onwards Monday to Friday during the school term.

Senior and Junior competition will be finished therefore the 2 courts will be available to all members on the weekends.

Midweek Ladies Competition is continuing & therefore courts 5&6 will be required on:

  • Tuesday morning on 26th April 2022 until 1.30pm (if court replacement not completed)
  • Thursday mornings until 1.30pm courts 5&6 will be unavailable for social tennis.

Your committee will keep you updated with progress during this time.

If you have any queries, please direct them to Brian Hovey – [email protected]

Wheelers Hill Tennis Club