History of the Wheelers Hill Tennis Club

The Wheelers Hill Tennis Club was founded at a meeting in March 1979 attended by 42 interested locals and 3 City of Waverley councillors.

The formation committee decide to name the club Heatherlea Tennis Club and play on an en-tout-car surface with a sprinkler system.

In August 1979 an "Interim Committee" of 12 locals with support from Waverley council started the long process of forming a local tennis club. It was decided to change the name to the Wheelers Hill Tennis Club.

A formation meeting was held in June 1980 attended by 112 interested locals and the first president of the WHTC GMC was Mr Ian McKenzie.

In September 1980 it was decided the surface of the new WHTC would be 'synthetic grass' however the final decision was up to the members. The total cost of the project was $128,000. This cost was to be split between the Waverley Council $73,000 and the WHTC $55,000.

Site works started July 1981. The WHTC court complex opened Sunday 21 February 1982. The WHTC first coach was appointed November 1981, Mr Will Coghlan.

Sunday 5th August 1984 was the opening of our magnificent Clubhouse. The building was opened by Mayor David Appleton

Over the next 20 years membership of the club went as high as 800 so over time thousands of people have enjoyed our excellent facilities.

Around 2004 the 6 courts were completely resurfaced. Another milestone in our history was as recent as October 2008, when the installation of 'Court Lighting' on 4 of our courts made night tennis possible. In 2012 the club installed Airconditioning in the Clubhouse and purchased a Defribillator, while in 2013 a new electronic access system was installed. 

At the time of opening the WHTC Clubhouse was the best clubhouse in the WDTA area and it still ranks as one of the very best 35 years later, which is a great attribute to the committee members of that time.

Currently we have senior and junior teams competing in the WDTA competitions, and Night Tennis is thriving. With social competitions organised on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and lights planned for court 1 and 2 by early 2019, the long term future of the club seems assured.