Current Committee

The WHTC Committee is elected by members of the club in the month of March of every year.
The WHTC Committee for 2017 consists of:

  • Gerald More                        President / Tuesday Night Convenor / Maintenance / Council Representative / Lights
  • Brian Hovey                        Vice-President / Junior Convenor
  • Andrea Hovey                     Secretary / Membership Information
  • Hans Schröer                     Treasurer / Monday Night Convenor/ Website / Membership
  • Richard Spinosa-Cattela    Senior Convenor / Key Access System / Membership / Wednesday Night Convenor
  • Helen Felder                        Midweek Convenor / Newsletter
  • Damien Vance                    Maintenance
  • Shripad Joshi                    Tennis Victoria System / Website
  • Brett Wilson                       General

Jackie Wilce is not a Committee Member but is the Thursday Night Convenor