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Membership application

Membership application

Please fill in the details below to apply for membership of the Wheelers Hill Tennis Club. Once you hit the SEND button, emails will be sent to the Membership Secretary and Treasurer. Upon receipt of payment (via direct debit or cheque) a key ring will be sent to you which allows access to the courts and the clubhouse.


  • Every new member has to fill their own form. Only for the ‘Category’ ‘Family Membership’ (2 adults and their child(ren) under 18 years old) the option ‘ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR FAMILY MEMBERSHIP’ should be used.
  • Fields with ‘required’ are mandatory to fill in.
  • Once you join during the year, please select the month of joining (which is the ‘Join Date’ under ‘Membership Details’) and pay the subsequent amount related to the selected membership. The security access key ring is optional but without it you would not have access to the courts and the premises.
  • Membership runs from 1st January until 31st December. Yearly subscription invoices are sent out in January with payment required by end of February. Access to the courts will be automatically revoked if payment is not received in time.
  • Payment is to be made via Direct debit to the account below or by sending a cheque to: Treasurer WHTC, Sunnybrook Drive, Wheelers Hill, PO Box 62, Mulgrave North, VIC 3170. When sending a cheque allow up to one week for confirmation.
  • Privacy Statement: The data as requested on this application form will only be used to administer and communicate with members for all WHTC related events.


Membership details
Membership application form

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